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Parenting Support and Educational Consultancy in Dundrum and Bray

Providing practical support for parents, as they respond to their children’s changing needs

Parenting support and educational consultancy for autism in Bray, Wicklow and Dundrum, Dublin

We offer Incredible Years Courses in Dundrum and Bray for:

  • Parents of young children
  • Parents of autistic children
  • Parents and teachers as partners of autistic children

We offer Educational Consultancy services in Dundrum and Bray, including:

  • one to one parent support for children with a diagnosis of condition/learning need:
  • support for parents in liaising with schools and professionals about their child’s needs:
  • special education information evenings.

Who we are

'Childhood Shapes Us'

Having worked in the area of special education for many years, it was evident that many parents who have children with particular educational needs would benefit from specific support to meet their specific needs.

For many parents, they are entering a New World for the first time.

In such circumstances, any one of us would benefit from helpful direction, information and guidance.

Parents find themselves in a position where they endeavour to access the necessary resources and services for their respective children.

‘Childhood Shapes Us’ core interest is providing the practical support for families who are invested in this form of service in supporting the family unit.

‘Childhood Shapes Us’ support the family by;

Supporting the family in navigating this new landscape of special education

Support in liaising with the school and other professionals, and by so doing, accessing the appropriate resources for your child.

How Can We Help?

We offer “The Incredible Years courses” in Dundrum and Bray for parents or carers of children from toddler to primary school age, for parents of children on the autistic spectrum for parents and preschool teachers working as partners with children on the challenges of parenting in today’s world.

Modern families are under increasing pressure. We are living in a busy world, facing various obstacles on a daily basis. Our children are facing new challenges that did not exist when we were children - spontaneous family life is being devoured by ‘stress and anxiety.’

Society is responsible for protecting: 


so that our young people grow up to be kind, happy, confident, flexible, motivated adults as they are entitled to be.

They are going to face challenges never seen in our lifetime.

Our courses are practical, collaborative and enjoyable . Together, we explore and examine many useful strategies to support families on their journey.

Parenting support and educational consultancy for autism in Bray, Wicklow and Dundrum, Dublin

The Incredible Years Courses

The Incredible Years courses are evidence based, effective courses for parents and teachers in Dundrum and Bray. They were developed and researched by Dr. Carolyn Webster-Stratton, Professor Emeritus at the University of Washington. The Incredible Years courses have been delivered in more than twenty-four countries.

‘Our goal is to deliver evidence-based programs and materials that develop positive parent-teacher-child relationships and assist in preventing and treating behaviour problems and promoting social, emotional, and academic competence before a child becomes an adult.’ (The Incredible Years)

To find out more please see the Courses page.

Parenting Support for Parents of Young Children

This course aims to support parents of toddlers to primary school age with strengthening parent-child interactions, attachment issues, reducing harsh discipline and promoting children’s emotional, social and language development.

Parenting Support for Parents of Children with ASD

This course aims to help parents of children with ASD with emotional regulation, social competence, language skills, relationships and school readiness.

Parents and Teachers as Partners of Children with ASD

This course aims to support teachers and parents who are working with children on the ASD spectrum. It is designed to promote children’s emotional regulation, language development, positive social interactions and school readiness.


Vickie Condron (Mother)

"I really enjoyed doing The Incredible Years Programme, it helped me with my son who has A.D.H.D

my son and I are getting along much better by doing the half hour one on one sessions. I think the star chart really worked. I wish there was a refresher course because I believe I could do with it."

Amy Sullivan (Mother)

“I have really enjoyed The Incredible Years Programme it has helped me a lot dealing with my four old. I found the start chart a great success. I wish there was a refresher course just incase I slip back into my old ways.”

Review from Carolyn Webster-Straton, following observation of Orla’s parent group

“You have consistently received excellent evaluations from the parents who rated you highly, and also reported feeling very supported by you. One parent even commented that she would like the course to go on until the children leave home fantastic! You are very positive, detailing in particular, your knowledge of the content, and your excellent listening skills”

Department of Education inspector, following an inspection of Orla's course in the Teacher Training Center, West Dublin.

"This is a well organized well presented course. It reflects key messages, and principles from the primary curriculum those promotion, the pupils’ receptiveness to language on their competence and confidence in using language. The course content page due regard to the explicit teaching of phonics in order to enable the pupil to develop reading strategies and write independently. An excellent balance with struck between learning about phonics and its application in the classroom. The sessions left the teacher well equipped to impart the advocated approach in their school. Appropriate emphasis was placed on assessment for learning strategies as opposed to assessment of learning. And the data from such assessment was used to inform the next step in the learning program.”

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