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Parenting Support and Educational Consultancy in Dundrum and Bray

Providing practical support for parents, as they respond to their children’s changing needs

Has your child had a recent diagnosis but you’re not sure what this means?

Do you feel uncertain about what support your child is entitled to?

Are you struggling to interpret the details contained in the educational assessment regarding your child?

Do you want to feel confident speaking to the school staff and other professionals about your child’s needs and support?

Parenting support and educational consultancy for autism in Bray, Wicklow and Dundrum, Dublin

Orla understands how difficult it can be for a parent

  • to support their child within the system,
  • to engage with agencies,
  • to advocate for the supports they are entitled to,
  • to feel happy that their child benefited from the best opportunities available,

As an educational consultant, Orla can guide you through the Special.

Information Evenings educational topics

One-to-One Parent Sessions: Child’s Educational Development

Parent Coaching: One to One Sessions Supporting Your Child

One-to-One Parent Coaching

If you have a complex issue you need support with, One-to-One Parent Coaching:

Supporting your child when they have a diagnosis can be hard. From knowing the terminology to navigating the minefield of information about the next steps to get the right support for your child can be challenging. Orla can support you and your child on this journey. This may include getting a diagnosis from a psychologist, making adaptations at home, consultations with the SENO, the headteacher and classroom teacher, to deciphering reports so you know exactly what everything means and the implications for your child.

One-to-one parent coaching and post diagnosis support takes place in Dundrum, Dublin and runs for about 4 sessions but Orla can support you for a one-off session or be there to help you thorough the whole process.